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Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) Meter Data Unification and Synchronization (MDUS)

Itron Enterprise Edition™ (IEE) ISAIM (Itron SAP AMI Integration Module) is Itron’s meter data management system for use with SAP for Utilities solutions and is an SAP-qualified business solution for Meter Data Unification and Synchronization (MDUS). This software, integrated with SAP solutions, provides utilities with a seamless, end-to-end business process, thereby reducing implementation time and risks and lowering total cost of ownership. It delivers a unified smart grid platform to utility customers around the globe.

Itron Enterprise Edition ISAIM provides utilities with a smart grid solution that offers integration with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software. SAP-qualified business solutions are complementary to SAP software offerings and provide additional choices and flexibility for organizations running SAP software. An SAP-qualified business solution is developed or integrated in accordance with SAP development guidelines, has certified integration with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and has undergone solution qualification by SAP to meet additional criteria. SAP-qualified business solutions address a specific business or technology focus, such as advanced metering infrastructure. They have an established track record of successfully serving customer needs in the focus areas selected by SAP.

The Itron software solution enables utilities to employ new energy conservation and customer engagement strategies while improving operational efficiency. Through integration with SAP for Utilities solutions, Itron Enterprise Edition ISAIM can address the changing demands in energy and water service delivery and manage our planet’s most precious resources. Itron has eight implementations of Itron Enterprise Edition ISAIM spanning four countries (US, Canada, Malaysia, China).

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